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Necropolis PD

Necropolis PD by Nathan Sumsion Parvus Press Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles Mystery & Thrillers , Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 02 Apr 2019


Looking for a unique fantasy/mystery? Look no further, Necropolis PD is fun, fast paced, and decidedly different. Jacob Green was your average college student, but the one time he tried to be a hero, he ended up stuck in the City of the Dead - the only living person there. He doesn’t have high hopes for the future, until he’s drafted into Necropolis PD. He isn’t trusted, half the staff want to eat him, and now he has to help discover who is managing to kill the already dead. With plenty of action, magic, strange characters, and more than a touch of humor, Necropolis PD makes for an entertaining read.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Necropolis PD from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom

Description How do you solve a murder in the city of the dead? Jacob Green was just an average college student. But three months ago, he ran through the wrong door and found himself trapped in the city of Meridian – a literal necropolis, concealed from the modern world, made up of forgotten places and populated entirely by the dead. As the only living, breathing resident, Jake has struggled to scrape out an existence while waiting for the Necropolis Police Department to decide his fate, and it’s not looking good. But when an unusual string of crimes hits the city, Jake’s overseer and tormentor, NPD Detective Marsh offers him a deal: Jake’s life in exchange for helping them solve the worst series of crimes in the necropolis’ history. Someone, or some thing is killing the dead, and if Jake can’t figure out who’s responsible, he could be next. Necropolis PD is a hidden world fantasy that combines mystery, horror, magic, and more than a little humor. This book is perfect for the living and recently-departed alike.

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