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Caturday Reads: A loving portrayal of the older dogs who make our lives complete

Senior Dogs Across America

by Nancy LeVine

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.


Pub Date 28 Jun 2016


Many photo books delight in the adorable antics of puppies, while passing over our beloved seniors. While advanced in age, and not always perfect in form, older dogs have a unique beauty and nobility born of the many days spent at our sides. Whether working, playing, or simply snoozing in the sun, Nancy LeVine's photos capture the wondrous and varied nature of senior dogs. Her photos are moving pieces that give readers not only a sense of the dog's personality but the environment in which they live. The landscape is as varied as the dogs included. There are even several greyhounds. (Two elderly retired greys are part of our family so we always enjoy seeing greys being included)

If you are a dog lover or if you have friends who are dog lovers this lovely photo book is an excellent choice.


I received a copy of Senior Dogs Across America from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Anyone who has ever loved a dog, young or old, will warm to this stirring tribute to our best animal friends. Award-winning photographer Nancy LeVine has traveled the length and breadth of America — from Kauai to Martha’s Vineyard, from Seattle to Natchez — to meet and photograph some of our most endearing senior canine citizens. Included here are 86 of her finest portraits.These gallant companions ride on our tractors, doze on our couches, happy to be in our company. They remind us of the best in ourselves, and as they lose their vigor and youth, they reflect our own inevitable aging with courage and calm. Nancy’s photographs perfectly capture the enduring appeal of these elderly dignified beings in the places where they belong — all across America. As “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker, says, “These images can make you laugh, cry, and simply feel the nobility of elder dogs.”

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