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Fey West

Fey West by Michael J. Allen Bell Bridge Books Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 04 Sep 2018


Westerns are not normally my thing, but when I read the description of Fey West, I just had to read the novel. Wow! Fey West is an amazing fantasy/western that shows just how good mashups can be when they are done well. There is action, magic, drama, and even a touch of humor and romance to balance out the more serious aspects.

Rafael West barely escaped the Old World with his life. Coming back to the New World is just as dangerous, perhaps more so now that he owes a powerful fae a favor. As a half-elf and a Druid/gunslinger Rafael is viewed as an abomination by elves and mages alike. He’s used to people trying to kill him. Rafael left his home because he felt it put his friends at risk, without realizing the price they paid for his disappearance. Now, everyone he cares about is in danger because a powerful fae wants him to protect a Dwarven railroad being built with iron as it travels across the New World. If he doesn’t help the railroad, his friends will die. If he makes a wrong move in negotiating passage, war may break out. Not too mention there are plenty of elves who would sooner kill Rafael than speak to him - including an elf who won’t stop coming after him, despite being defeated numerous times. Rafael is in over his head, but he has friends including a newly freed pixie and a gnome gunmaker that he is falling in love with.

Fey West is an action packed extravaganza set in a uniquely imagined world. You’ve never experienced an old west anything like this. My only disappointment is that I have to wait to read Michael J Allen’s next novel - Fey West is simply that good.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Fey West from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom

Description “A non-stop action adventure.” – USA Today bestselling author , Craig A Price Jr. Fey do not forgive, and they do not forget. Neither do gunslingers. A half-breed born under a death sentence in the New World and saved from execution in the Old, Rafael West—half-elven druid turned gunslinger—returns to his homeland, wary and beholden to the high fairy who negotiated his release. To repay his debt, West is forced to protect and champion a dwarven railroad laying poisonous, cold iron across the wild lands of the fey continent, which means he’ll have to face the very elven tribesmen that want him dead for the crime of “stealing” their magic. If Big Iron stops its march across fey land, anyone he calls friend will die. The woman he’s trying very hard not to love will die. One wrong move will plunge the entire continent into full scale war. West will need more than six-guns and luck to survive. He’ll have to lie, cheat, and steal, but even that may not be enough once the secrets start to unravel. The fey aren’t the only ones with secrets to hide.

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