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The Skaar Invasion

The Skaar Invasion by Terry Brooks Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine Del Rey Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 19 Jun 2018


I’ve always had a soft spot for Terry Brooks’ Shannara novels, as they were part of what made me love fantasy and science fiction from an early age. Although the newer ones were of varying quality, I still remained a loyal reader. The Skaar Invasion is one of the better of the recent installments in the series. The novel picks up from where The Black Elfstone ends. Drisker Arc is trapped in limbo inside the Druid fortress of Paranor. Dar Leah is seeking Drisker’s apprentice Tarsha in hopes she can help free Drisker. Meanwhile, the Skaar advanced force is moving further into the Four Lands and is manipulating both the Federation and the elves, and Clizia Porse is plotting the death of Drisker Arc and a new Druid order of her design and under her control.

The style of narration allows the reader to be privy to each character’s thoughts and feelings. It leaves little ambiguity about the nature of each of the characters and their plans. The story is fairly straightforward, with most of the action devoted toward furthering the plot and setting up the next novel. I believe that the climax of the tale will take place in the next novel. Not a lot happens, but The Skaar Invasion is a necessary intermediary between The Black Elfstone and what is to come. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

4 / 5

I received a copy of The Skaar Invasion from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


Following The Black Elfstone, The Skaar Invasion is the second book of the epic four-part conclusion to the Shannara series from one of the acknowledged masters of the fantasy genre. The Four Lands are under siege. Wielding a magical ability virtually impossible to combat, mysterious invaders defeat the most fearsome Troll armies, then focus their savagery on the Druid order—and all hope seems lost. Eventually the invaders reveal a more human face, but understanding their motives in no way mitigates the brutality of their actions. Dar Leah, once the High Druid’s Blade, has crossed paths—and swords—with their ruthless leader before. So he knows that if any hope exists, it rests in the hands of the Druid Drisker Arc, now trapped inside vanished Paranor. As Drisker races to find the ancient knowledge that could free him, Dar goes in search of Tarsha Kaynin, the young woman blessed with the powerful gift of the wishsong, whose magic could draw Drisker back into the world of the living. But little do they know that what appeared to be a formidable invading force may only be the forerunner of a much larger army—one intent on nothing less than total conquest.

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