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Support Your Local Pug

Support Your Local Pug by Lane Stone Kensington Books Lyrical Underground Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 28 Aug 2018 Review Fresh, fun and never formulaic, Lane Stone’s Buckingham Pet Palace mysteries are always a delightful read. Sue Patrick and Lady Anthea Fitzwalter are well matched, easily up to the task whether it be running their business or tracking down a murderer. And their newest case may be the most complex yet. Support Your Local Pug begins with a Gordian knot of events occurring one after the other. There is a break- in at Buckingham Pet Palace. A pug is discovered at an uninhabited lighthouse. While Sue is rescuing the pug from the lighthouse, someone attempts to break into her home. The driver of the car escapes, leaving a dead body on Sue’s driveway. That is before Howard Fourie, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist starts making waves. Dogs play a vital role, but there are plenty of interesting people as well. Support Your Local Pug has a complex plot that works well and is easy to accept. There is even a little development on the romance front. All in all, Support Your Local Pug is a great cozy that will definitely appeal to animal lovers and mystery lovers alike. 5 / 5 I received a copy of Support Your Local Pug from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. — Crittermom Description Buckingham Pet Palace may provide services fit for a four-legged king, but there’s no use crying over spilled kibble—not unless it leads to murder! When a break-in at the Pet Palace robs Sue Patrick of more than her beauty sleep, she intends to tidy her ransacked doggy daycare and spa before making any rash decisions. But after Sue abandons her better instincts to rescue a petrified pug stranded at a lighthouse in the Delaware Bay later that morning, she’s lured off mainland Lewes long enough for a freshly murdered body to get dumped in her driveway . . . Aided by Lady Anthea Fitzwalter, her practically royal business partner from across the pond, Sue sniffs out clues about the yappy pug with a complicated history and the old car spotted at both crime scenes in hopes of IDing the culprit. As the investigation leads them back to the bay, the ladies soon find themselves immersed in a case trickier than a canine agility course—and chasing after a well-groomed killer who will do anything to maintain a perfect reputation . . .

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