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The Sherlock Effect

The Sherlock Effect by Raymond Kay Lyon Thistle Publishing General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 25 Jan 2018


The Sherlock Effect is a homage to Conan Doyle that he would be proud to acknowledge. It compliments but doesn't copy the iconic detective and his powers of observation. Growing up Christopher Sherlock Webster found his name a burden. But after his Holmes-obsessed father passes away, he delves deeper into Conan Doyle’s stories and discovers that he too has an affection for Holmesiana and a talent for deduction. With his marketing friend Mo Rennie, he opens an agency devoted to solving the type of unusual crimes that Holmes himself would enjoy. Christopher may be a tad bit reluctant to dress the part (Mo insists it is important for branding), but he addresses their unusual cases with enthusiasm and perception.

I was very impressed by the creative mysteries Raymond Kay Lyon created to challenge Christopher. The stories were unique and had no graphic violence so they are easily enjoyed by Holmes fans young and old. I enjoyed The Sherlock Effect and I hope that Raymond Kay Lyon follows it with another collection of stories featuring Christopher Sherlock Webster and Mo Rennie.

5 / 5

I received a copy of The Sherlock Effect from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Christopher Sherlock Webster always blamed his Holmes-obsessed father for burdening him with an embarrassing middle name. He spent his school days desperately trying to live it down. But after his old man prematurely dies, Christopher finds that he has somehow inherited the very same obsession... Teaming up with Mo Rennie, a marketing-conscious pal, he starts up an agency called Baskerville's, which specialises in the application of rigorous Holmesian method. Here are five bizarre adventures from the files - a sumptuous feast upon which the gastronome of crime may gorge. - A young beautician is stalked by a haunting stranger through the narrow streets of Cambridge. Yet he possesses love letters from the girl, ostensibly in her handwriting. How come? - A science journalist disappears while investigating UFO sightings in Wiltshire. But is the explanation earthly or supernatural? - When a pornographer receives death threats online he arranges protection 24/7. Will it work? - A pop diva's boyfriend is kidnapped twice by animal rights extremists. Should the ransom be paid again? - Everything in the garden seems rosy when a millionaire widower meets Miss Perfect through a dating agency. But the lady soon starts to behave oddly. Should the wedding plans be shelved?

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