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Incredible anthology opens world of Chinese SF

Invisible Planets

Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation

By Ken Liu

Macmillan Tor-Forge

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Pub Date 01 November 2016


Invisible Planets is an incredible collection of science fiction stories from mainland China. Each of the stories is a gem, multifaceted, beautiful and utterly unique. What you perceive depends on the angle from which you look at it. So many wondrous places and amazing characters. What all of the stories have in common is their ability to enthrall the reader and excite the imagination.

If you enjoy short science fiction, this is an anthology that you must add to your collection. You won't be disappointed by the quality and the variety of the pieces included. The opportunity to explore the perceptions of writers long unavailable to the English speaking public is an added bonus.


I received a copy of Invisible Planets from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Science fiction readers around the world have recently become familiar with Ken Liu and his Chinese translation work via the bestselling and award nominated novel The Three-Body Problem, by acclaimed Chinese author Liu Cixin. Readers who have developed a taste and excitement for Chinese SF by these means will be excited to hear that Ken Liu, the translator of that volume has assembled, translated, and edited an anthology of Chinese science fiction short stories, the most comprehensive collection yet available in the English language.

The thirteen stories in this collection are a strong and diverse representation of Chinese science fiction, including two by Liu Cixin. Some have won awards in translation, some have garnered serious critical acclaim, some have been selected for Year’s Best anthologies, and some are simply Ken Liu’s personal favorites.

To round out the collection, there are several essays from Chinese scholars and authors, plus an illuminating introduction by Ken Liu.

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