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First Issue of C21st Gods Not a Captivating Start

C21st Gods #1

by David Tallerman and Anthony Summey

Rosarium Publishing

Comics & Graphic Novels, Horror

Pub Date 09 November 2016


The first issue of C21st Gods is a teaser - hinting at what the reader will encounter. A police detective discovers the gruesomely sacrificed body of a missing socialite. More sacrifices follow, and the police are always displaced by a group of mysterious suited men. One detective is determined to pursue the case despite the orders of his superiors.

First issues are tough. There isn't a lot of opportunity for story progression and it needs to hook the reader. Tallerman and Summey do a decent job of quickly making the situation clear, as well as detailing the complex and bizarre methods of sacrifice. I had only two complaints. The first is that the character expressions were a bit wooden. The second is that the cars were futuristic but the technology and character dress was current day. It didn't fit and jarred me out of the story. Both of these problems may become less of an issue as the series progresses.

I would like to try at least one other issue to see how the story develops and if the comic improves. It is difficult to be fair based on the first issue alone but C21st Gods didn't impress.


I received a copy of C21st Gods from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Issue #1 of 3

In a noirish modern re-imagining of H P Lovecraft's classic The Call of Cthulhu, one determined police detective investigates a series of horrific cult murders, only to discover that - in an age when technological marvels outstrip the wildest nightmares of the past - there may be worse to fear than even the return of a godlike horror from Earth's prehistory.

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