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Diligent research and brilliant writing bring Treason in the Secret City to life

Treason in the Secret City

A World War Two mystery set in Tennessee

by Diane Fanning

Severn House

General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 01 Aug 2016


Diane Fanning's new novel, Treason in the Secret City immerses the reader in the US as it was during WWII. The tensions, privations, hopes and lifestyle are all vibrantly depicted, as is the changing role of women and the challenges they encounter. When you add a well developed plot that realistically fits the time period and multifaceted lead characters who are easy to empathize with, it is no surprise that Treason in the Secret City is an amazing read.

Libby Clark and her fellow scientists are working on a special project for the government behind the gates of the Secret City. Everyone is vigilant as watchers are everywhere, willing to turn in friends and acquaintances for the least indiscretion. When Marvin, a member of her discussion group, approaches Libby with a problem, she decides to hear him out. His cousin has been accused of treason. Frannie claims Dr. Hansrote convinced her to aid him in getting information to US spies behind enemy lines. In reality, she was helping him send information to enemy agents. From all appearances, Frannie is an innocent, caught in the web of a skillful manipulator. But unless evidence is found, Frannie will be taken and tried. Soon after she decides to help, Marvin is found, tortured to death. The stakes get higher as the investigation progresses with Libby and her friends potentially being accused of being collaborators.

If you enjoy historical mysteries you should pick up a copy of Diane Fanning's Treason in the Secret City - you won't be disappointed. Fanning's diligent research and brilliant writing bring history to life, making the Libby Clark mysteries an exceptional read. I look forward to reading more of her novels.


I received a copy of Treason in the Secret City from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Second in the exciting new World War II mystery series featuring intrepid research chemist-sleuth Libby Clark.

30th May 1944. In the middle of the night, Libby Clark is roused from sleep by a colleague in distress. Marvin’s cousin Frannie has been charged with treason, and he hopes that Libby, with her clear-headed scientific mind, can find a way to help prove her innocence. Libby, a chemist at a secret World War II facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, agrees to help her friend and pursue the truth.

Libby’s investigations soon uncover the immoral Dr Hansrote, who has tricked Frannie into her treachery. But, the evil at Oak Ridge seems to run deeper and in Libby’s determination to uncover the truth, she not only finds herself up against the authorities, but also caught in the crosshairs of a deadly cabal of indoctrinated spies, greedy opportunists and unscrupulous collaborators.

Can Libby survive the confluence of challenges? Or will one of them fashion a trap she cannot escape?

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