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Lizzie Borden returns in New York Nocturne

New York Nocturne The Return of Miss Lizzie by Walter Satterthwait Open Road Integrated Media Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 07 Jun 2016 Review

Jazz age New York City - a city of glamor, thrills, and murder

There is something about Jazz Age New York that captures the imagination - the glamorous allure of speakeasies, charming gangsters in sharp suits, high living and fast times. Decadence and corruption served up on a silver platter. It is not surprising that the reader, like 16 year old Amanda is quickly caught up in the allure of New York and the charm of her uncle John. But when her uncle is found murdered, the glamor shatters. The police quickly target Amanda as a convenient suspect, easy to accuse as she has no nearby family to help her. The police do not count on one thing - Miss Lizzie Borden. Hearing of Amanda's arrest, she quickly comes to her aid, hiring both a skilled lawyer and a private investigator. John wasn't exactly the man Amanda believed him to be. Among his clients are rich, powerful criminals known to influence New York officials, including the police. Unless they find exactly who murdered John and why, Amanda may be convicted despite her innocence. The colorful and diverse cast of characters adds to the allure of New York Nocturne - particularly the enigmatic Miss Lizzie and the darkly attractive Mr Cutter. Amanda's recollections wind throughout the narrative, offering tantalizing clues regarding Amanda's future career as an agent. Walter Satterthwait's New York glitters, but the reader is always aware of the threat of violence beneath the chic facade. I was enraptured by the depiction of the city and era, and thrilled by both the fast action and the larger than life characters.

Whether you like historical mysteries or are simply looking for an enticing jazz-era read, New York Nocturne is a fabulous choice. I eagerly await Walter Satterthwait's next novel. I want to know what Amanda's next adventure will entail. 5/5 I received a copy of New York Nocturne from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description The bestselling author of the Joshua Croft series delivers a sparkling follow-up that reunites the murder mystery–solving duo of Lizzie Borden and Amanda Burton in Jazz Age New York Sixteen-year-old Amanda is spending the summer with her suave and easygoing uncle John at the Dakota Apartments, opposite the green sprawl of New York's Central Park. When John isn't doing something mysterious with stocks and bonds, he and Amanda enjoy the very best the Roaring Twenties have to offer. However, in a single brutal night, everything changes. Suddenly, Amanda is alone, far from home, and fighting for her life in a city that has abandoned her. Fortunately, there's one person Amanda can trust: Miss Lizzie Borden. Together, the two of them manage to work out a twisted passage toward what might be survival through the narrow streets of nighttime New York.

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