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Caturday Reads: Lost Dog is one of the best K-9 mysteries

Lost Dog A Gideon and Sirius Novel Book 3 by Alan Russell

Thomas & Mercer Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult) Pub Date 14 Jun 2016 Review Lost Dog is a simply amazing novel that showcases the incredible, enduring bond that forms between rescue dogs and their adopters. This is no cozy mystery, but rather a dark and realistic thriller where dogs play a vital role, both Sirius, Detective Michael Gideon's K9 partner, and Angie a hound-mix seeking her missing owner. Victims of abuse, both human and animal, frequently fall through the cracks. When Heather Moreland is abducted from her home, it is Angie through her perseverance draws the attention of Gideon and Sirius. A dog lover as well as K-9 officer, Detective Michael Gideon's compassion leads him to discover that Angie's owner, Heather, is missing and the possible victim of violence. Despite it not being his case, Gideon feels responsible for bringing Angie home, and he pursues the case relentlessly. The bond between Gideon and Sirius is remarkable to watch. There is the trust, confidence, respect, and close friendship that describe partnership to a t. Sirius is loyal, but also intelligent and perceptive - a partner rather than a tool. Heather Moreland is Angie's third owner, her last chance at a happy life. Despite all the challenges, Heather's determination to show Angie love bears fruit. Though Gideon plays an important role in saving Heather, Angie is the true hero. From the very start, I was glued to the page. Gideon and Sirius felt so real. They were not cardboard cutouts, but living, breathing individuals with hopes, fears, a home, and friends. They were more than the detectives on the case. Heather Moreland was more than a victim. She showed tremendous courage despite all she endured. Alan Russell has a true gift when it comes to bringing the characters to life - making you care, making you want to know more and involve yourself. Saying the plot was well developed is almost secondary, because as you read you feel like you are a part of events as they progress. Lost Dog is one of the BEST police K-9 mysteries I have ever read. 5/5 I received a copy of Lost Dog from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description Detective Michael Gideon is used to being handed L.A.’s oddest cases, but his newest one assigned itself. When Gideon’s K-9 partner, Sirius, rescues a lost dog from a pack of coyotes, the duo tries to return her home—only to discover her owner is missing. Heather Moreland has clearly disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and the more Gideon digs into her past, the more he’s convinced of her abduction. As Gideon strives to help the missing woman, he is also troubled by the suspicious death of Detective Langston Walker, the leader of a support group for families of murder victims. The last time they’d met, Walker told Gideon about a cold case he had reopened, making Gideon wonder if the detective’s demise is the accident everyone believes. In this third book in Alan Russell’s gripping cop-K-9 series, Gideon and Sirius race to save a young woman—and stop another killer from striking again.

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