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Fogged Inn is a cozy lover's delight

Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross Kensington Books Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date: February 23, 2016 Review Fogged Inn is the first cozy that I've read by Barbara Ross, and I have to say it is simply wonderful. I was captivated from the beginning where Gus is hollering upstairs to ask Julia why there is a body in his refrigerator. I liked how Barbara Ross interspersed flashbacks of the evening before with the action of the present. After the body is discovered, Julia struggles to remember if anything unusual happened at dinner the night before. With the cold weather, snow and fog, Busman's Harbor, Maine attracts few visitors from late autumn on. Julia and Chris's new restaurant, Gus's Too is the only place where locals can go out for a nice dinner. The setup is a bit similar to a manor house mystery. You have a limited number of suspects (4 local couples in this case) and one stranger. When the stranger shows up dead, it is only natural to look to the suspects for clues to the victim's identity and the identity of the murderer. Unraveling the secrets of the past is key to solving the present crime. Julia eagerly shares the information she gathers with the police, unlike many amateur detectives. The story is well crafted, and it is easy to see how the past has transformed the lives of all involved. The characters are believable as individuals. I also liked how Chris and Julia's relationship was portrayed and how well they worked together. I also enjoyed Gus and his unique approach to life. Le Roi, Julia's cat is a treat for cat lovers. Busman's Harbor Maine is clearly a small community at heart, despite the crowds of tourists during the season. Fogged Inn is truly an excellent cozy, and the recipes included at the end are a nice bonus. I look forward to trying the lobster chowder. This is a novel that cozy lovers will definitely enjoy. 5/5 Fogged Inn is the fourth Maine Clambake Mystery. The books do not have to be read in order. I received a copy of Fogged Inn from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description An autumn chill has settled over Busman's Harbor, Maine, but Julia Snowden is warming up the town by offering lobster stew at the local diner. When her landlord discovers a dead body in the walk-in refrigerator, Julia must figure out who ordered up a side of murder. Nothing's colder than a corpse--especially one stashed inside a sub-zero fridge. The victim spent his last night on earth dining at the restaurant bar, so naturally Julia finds herself at the center of the ensuing investigation. Lost in the November fog, however, is who'd want to kill the unidentified stranger--and why. It might have something to do with a suspicious group of retirees and a decades-old tragedy to which they're all connected. One thing's for sure: Julia's going to make solving this mystery her early bird special… Includes Traditional Maine Clambake Recipes!

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