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Murder returns to Folly-on-Weir

Out Comes the Evil: A Cotswold Murder Mystery

by Stella Cameron

Publisher: Severn House

Pub Date: December 1, 2015


Second in the traditional British mystery series featuring rural inn owner and amateur sleuth Alex Duggins: an intriguing departure for bestselling romantic suspense author Stella Cameron. Once again Alex Duggins and her veterinarian friend Tony Harrison are thrown into a major murder investigation. An almost fresh body is discovered in a disused well among the ruins of a 14th-century manor house … the motive for the killing a baffling mystery. The victim was a widow who had lived quietly in the picturesque Cotswolds village of Folly-on-Weir for the past ten years. Who on earth could want her dead, and by such brutal means? As rumour and speculation engulf the town, another woman is attacked – and Alex discovers that behind a tranquil face lurks a cunning and vengeful mind. Despite warnings from the police to stop interfering, she finds herself in the sights of a ruthless killer who has decided she knows too much …


Out Comes the Evil is a thrilling British mystery, a perfect follow up to Folly, Cameron's first novel featuring pub owner cum amateur sleuth Alex Duggins and her veterinarian friend Tony Harrison.

Folly-on-Weir is slowly recovering from the murders in its recent history. Like any village, it has its share of gossip and innuendo, secrets and hidden affairs. Polly Gibbons, a wealthy widow, enjoys her quiet life and her romantic dalliances – despite the gossip. When she goes to meet her paramour at the ruins of a 14th-century manor house, she is murdered. Her death draws DI O'Reilly and DS Lamb back to Folly-on-Weir. Alex can't help but ask questions, and Tony follows her lead, as Alex's impulses frequently put her in danger. More deaths follow, as the killer executes a plan for revenge – a plan that may end up targeting Alex and Tony.

Out Comes the Evil has an intriguing storyline and a wide range of interesting characters. The relationship between Alex and Tony is slowly developing into a romantic one, and the elderly sisters who run the teashop are dears.

There are several twists that make the solution difficult to predict, and the inclusion of the killer's thoughts is a chilling but wonderful addition.

Out Comes the Evil is a delectable mystery certain to be enjoyed by fans of classic British mysteries.


I received a copy of Out Comes the Evil from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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