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Murder and espionage meld in A Murder of Crows

A Murder of Crows by Margaret Duffy

Pub Date: October 9, 2015

Endeavor Press


Her husband was gunned down, and her ex-husband was the only witness. Or was he the murderer?

Famous novelist Ingrid Langley has made a fresh start following her divorce from Patrick Gillard, an SAS-trained killer in Her Majesty’s secret service.

Leaving a turbulent life behind, Ingrid was happy with her second husband, policeman Peter Clyde. But when Peter is murdered in suspicious circumstances her world is shattered and terrifying feelings resurface. Instinctively she knows that something is amiss and seeks out the truth, however painful it may be. But her murdered husband was only a policeman and not an agent so why is the secret service so interested in his death?

When Patrick visits her in the midst of her grief she is furious and confused but cannot bring herself to turn him away. She sees him for the expert murderer he is but also as a lover and a protector.

Drafts of her new book Moonlake become more cathartic to her than ever before yet her agent Alan and her mother are concerned for her as she gets dragged slowly into a web of spies and secret agencies.


Murder and espionage meld in the exciting new thriller A Murder of Crows. Margaret Duffy is a fantastic storyteller with a unique way of capturing mature romance and breath-taking danger. Her characters are damaged, flawed, fallible – utterly human and all the more captivating for it.

Ingrid Langley once loved Patrick Gillard, but marriage to a professional soldier is far from easy. Her second marriage, to policeman Peter Clyde is happy, but ends abruptly when he is murdered three weeks before their first anniversary – the only witness, her ex-husband.

Her anger quickly turns to confusion when Patrick reveals what happened and tells her he has been assigned to protect her. Despite the wounds he is still recovering from, Patrick is an able protector. In spite of everything, Ingrid finds herself falling for him – and deeper into the web of secrets and spies that led to the death of her husband.

Margaret Duffy breathes life into her characters. Ingrid Langley is no ingenue, she is an adult who is perceptive and intelligent. Even her sense of humor rings true. Patrick Gillard is an incredible male lead. He isn’t James Bond who walks through fire and doesn’t even get his eyebrows singed. He is a man who has lost much, and has struggled to not only recover enough to survive, but to continue his work. After nearly being killed in the Falklands, Patrick’s legs required numerous surgeries simply to function. While needing a long recovery time, Patrick doesn’t view himself as disabled. Even after losing his leg and being fitted with a prosthesis, he carries on. The process does mark him, but he is driven, both in his work and his desire to protect Ingrid. The duo is well matched.

If you enjoy romantic suspense or espionage thrillers, don’t miss the opportunity to read A Murder of Crows.


I received a copy of A Murder of Crows from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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