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Homunculus & the Cat is a unique fantasy

Homunculus & The Cat: The Omnitheon Cycle #1 by Nathan Croft Curiosity Quills Press Pub Date: August 31, 2015 Description Homunculus and the Cat - Just a typical kitten saves the afterlife story, disguised as a book about death.In a world where every culture's mythology is real, Medusa's sisters want revenge on Poseidon, Troy is under siege again, and the Yakuza want their homunculi (mythological artificial humans) back. Near Atlantis' Chinatown, a kitten and her human campaign for homunculi rights. Against them are Japanese death gods, an underworld cult, and a fat Atlantean bureaucrat.The main character dies (more than once) and a few underworlds' way of death is threatened. Also with giant armored battle squids. Review Rarely have I encountered a book that is both highly unique and exceptionally written. Homunculus & the Cat is a fantasy novel that defies description. Despite, or perhaps because of this, it is an exceptional novel that is entertaining and thought-provoking. And then, there is the Cat, an amazing creature that is heroic while being true to her feline nature. Her curiosity and impulsiveness draw her into a magnificent adventure. This is a world where every culture's mythology is real. Gods and goddesses exist, as do mythical creatures and magic. Amongst these beings are the homunculi, artificial beings created by alchemists. Because they do not have a patron God and because they are artificial, they are seen as lesser creatures. Tyro is a jack-of-all-trades who is helping the homunculi rights campaign and working with the homunculi sanctuary in Atlantis. The quest to rescue a homunculi friend, Herakles, brings Tyro into contact with the kitten, an ennedi (an Egyptian winged cat). The homunculi are beset on all sides, by unscrupulous politicians, Japanese gangsters, shikome from the Japanese underworld and more. What seems to start as a battle for rights, evolves into a battle between gods and men for control of the various underworlds. As the cat is told by her goddess early on, following Tyro will definitely not be boring. As a reader I definitely agree. Homunculus & the Cat is an engrossing adventure that will interest fantasy fans looking for something out of the ordinary. Cat lovers will enjoy the ennedi kitten and her curious ways, as well as the important role she plays in the story. 5/5 Homunculus & the Cat is the first book in the Omnitheon cycle. I received a copy of Homunculus & the Cat from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom

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