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Thrill Kill - a voodoo mystery set in New Orleans

Thrill Kill

A voodoo mystery series set in New Orleans

By Don Bruns

Severn House

Pub Date 01 June 2017


Don Bruns skillfully brings New Orleans to life, giving readers a sense of the true colors and true dangers in this vibrant city. Having lived in New Orleans, I can testify to the authenticity of Bruns’s depiction. Thrill Kill is the second Quentin Archer mystery and is easily as good as the first.

Quentin Archer is a clean cop in a dirty city, a rarity amidst the corrupt. Although he left Detroit, he still pursues the corrupt cops that instigated his wife’s murder. Many want him dead, and that is before he is assigned to the Thrill Kills. Someone is committing murders. The method varies, but in each case a can of spray gas - Chill is left at the scene. While the murders seem random, several of the victims are prominent residents. Meanwhile a gang war is beginning. Two groups involved in human trafficking and drugs are getting greedy, making the powerful figures in the background uneasy. Once again Quentin needs the help of voodoo queen Solange Cordray - but will it be enough to limit the bloodshed…

Thrill Kill was almost impossible to put down. Don Bruns knows how to write a compelling story. Knowing what both sides are doing in no way detracts from the reader’s eagerness to discover what happens next. The issue of human trafficking is a troubling one, as it is a severe problem in the US - one that is likely to become worse. These modern day slaves have little to no opportunity to escape, and no protection if they do. It’s heartbreaking, and definitely needs to be addressed. Thrill Kill is an impressive novel, and Bruns series is one of the best mystery series set in New Orleans.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Thrill Kill from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Beneath the carefree atmosphere of Mardi Gras, something very sinister is going on in the intriguing new Quentin Archer mystery.

Three murders so far. No apparent motive; no link between the victims; none of them have been robbed. One item ties them together: a can of spray gas known as Chill has been left at the scene of each crime. Is someone killing for kicks? With no leads to pursue and no witnesses coming forward, all the cops can do is wait for murder number four.

As rumours emerge, Archer realizes there’s a pattern taking shape. Could there be more to these seemingly random killings than meets the eye? Teaming up with voodoo queen Solange Cordray, Archer begins to uncover evidence of a shocking conspiracy.


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