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by Simon Miller


Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 07 Nov 2017


Ebolowa is a multifaceted murder mystery/ political thriller based on a true story. In 1956, a young photojournalist investigating the volatile political environment of Cameroon is found dead. The verdict is accidental death. Two decades later, her younger sister hires Harry Kaplan to find out who her sister was with at the time of her death and find out what really happened. The more Harry digs, the more obvious it becomes that Annie Fayol learned too much and became close to the wrong people. Major players both local and international have secrets they are willing to kill to keep, even twenty years later. Cameroon is a dangerous place - one that just might become too dangerous for a PI and his client.

Ebolowa is an excellent novel, with palpable tension. This is not a high action Bourne thriller. Instead it is a realistic novel based on true events. The danger is real, despite the absence of over the top action sequences. The slower pacing means it isn’t a novel for action lovers, but it will be enjoyed by readers who like realistic., believable thrillers.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Ebolowa from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


A historical, political thriller that delivers! Page-turning to the point I had to make an effort to slow down — Andrew Greig

The official verdict was accidental death.

In 1956 photojournalist Annie Fayol had drowned in a rip tide off the coast of Cameroon. They said she shouldn’t have gone skinny-dipping on her own.

Nearly twenty years later her sister Candace finds a cache of old photos and is convinced someone had been with her – someone Annie had fallen for. Candace hires Harry Kaplan to find out who he was and why he hadn’t come forward. Right away it’s obvious the man is no ordinary missing person; there’s a whiff of a cover-up in the air and it seems somebody powerful is trying to stop the past from seeping into the present.

Based on a true story of courage, complicity... and murder.


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