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A Catered Cat Wedding

A Catered Cat Wedding by Isis Crawford Kensington Books Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 25 Sep 2018


I will give almost anything that centers around cats a try. A Catered Cat Wedding is not a “cat cozy” per se, but the story revolves around a wealthy cat lover known for behaving badly and her precious cats - who also showcase the worst of behaviors. Susie Katz loved her cats, but didn’t care much for the local humans. Anyone who complained about her cats or her outrageous decor was targeted. Bernie and Libby have been hired to cater the wedding of her two showpiece Russian Blues. Needless to say nothing the day of the wedding goes as planned, Susie is found dead, and the event is followed by a chaotic interlude in which the crime scene is irreversibly compromised. The police chief gives them an ultimatum- Bernie and Libby have one week to find the killer, or they will be the ones behind bars.

The cozy is a cute one, and the humorous escapades of Bernie and Libby make up for the loose ends and the jumps in logic. A Catered Cat Wedding did a better job on the characterizations of the victim and suspects than on Bernie, Libby and their crew. The expectation is that readers have read at least one other book in the series, a small flaw that makes the book slightly less appealing to newcomers. Cat lovers may also be offended by the heavy use of the crazy cat lady stereotype. All things considered, I liked A Catered Cat Wedding and recommend it.

4 / 5

I received a copy of A Catered Cat Wedding from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom

Description Sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons run a catering business in their upstate New York town, and they’re ready and willing to handle any wedding—even one where the bride and groom have tails . . . Susie Katz is known as the crazy cat lady of Longely, New York, and goes out of her way to earn the title, right down to her cat T-shirts and porcelain Hello Kitties. She’s a fanatic for anything feline. Humans, not so much. So when she decides to put up a tent on her property and hold an extravagant wedding ceremony for her two Russian blues, she makes sure to include a few two-legged guests—primarily to raise some hackles. All her favorite enemies will be there: her bird-loving neighbor, a rival cat breeder, a local animal rights activist, and the niece and nephew who stand to inherit her considerable fortune . . . if she doesn’t spend it all on cat tchotchkes first. Susie can’t wait for them all to watch as Boris and Natasha slink up the aisle in their very expensive diamond-studded collars, before everyone starts digging in to the poached salmon and caviar provided for the occasion by Bernie and Libby. But chaos erupts when a wedding gift is unwrapped and a mischief of mice jump out of the box—followed by the disappearance of all the pampered partygoers. Just a few hours later, Susie is stabbed in the back while searching for her missing kitties near the now-empty tent—and it’s up to the Simmons sisters to sniff out the killer . . . Includes Original Recipes for You to Try!

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