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Seances are for Suckers

Séances Are for Suckers by Tamara Berry Kensington Books Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 30 Oct 2018


I enjoyed Seances are for Suckers immensely. Not only was the story fascinating but the main character, Eleanor Wilde is a refreshing change from the average female lead. First she is a fake medium, who realizes most ”ghostly “ problems can be solved by a combination of mundane and theatrical means. She may technically be a fraud but in reality she is much more, and her career does pay for her sister’s care..When she is approached by a very rich and very handsome Briton, Eleanor is at first reluctant to take his case. He wants her to prove that the “ghost” that is haunting his ancestral estate and influencing his mother is no such thing. Alternately, he wants her to banish the spirit. Eleanor is faced with a crumbling estate, worn furniture, terrible food - and a dead body.

Seances Are for Suckers is an excellent mystery with a compelling lead. The novel is refreshingly original with just the right touch of humor. Tamara Berry is definitely an author to watch. I highly recommend Seances Are for Suckers.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Seances are for Suckers from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

-- Crittermom


When something goes bump in the night . . . it’s most likely a plumbing problem, or something equally mundane. But fake medium Eleanor Wilde is happy to investigate and cleanse your home of spectral presences—for a fee. Hey, it’s a living . . . Ellie has an ailing sister to care for, and working as a ghost hunter who doesn’t believe in ghosts helps cover the bills for both of them. When she’s lucky, it also pays for the occasional tropical vacation. Her brother doesn’t exactly approve, but Ellie figures she’s providing a service. On her latest job, though, she may be in for some genuine scares. The skeptical, reserved, and very rich Nicholas Hartford III has flown her all the way to his family’s ancestral estate in England—supposedly haunted by a phantom named Xavier. Nicholas thinks it’s all just as much a crock as Ellie’s business is, but the fact remains that something is causing the flashes of light, mysterious accidents, and other apparent pranks in the chilly, eerie castle. His mother is sure that Xavier is real, and he’s willing to employ Ellie if she can get to the bottom of it and put a stop to the nonsense. While the food and accommodations are somewhat disappointing (dorm-room furniture? Really?), Ellie is finding it an adventure to get to know this eccentric family and their houseguests, and to poke around in the nearby village for clues. But when an actual dead body appears—and subsequently disappears—at Castle Hartford, she’ll have to apply her talent for trickery and psychological insight to solve a flesh-and-blood murder.

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