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The Murder at Redmire Hall

The Murder at Redmire Hall A Yorkshire Murder Mystery by J. R. Ellis Amazon Publishing UK Thomas & Mercer General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 13 Sep 2018


I was immediately drawn to The Murder at Redmire Hall for two reasons. First, the murder takes place not only in a locked room - it takes place during a magic trick where the victim first disappears from the locked room, then reappears in that same locked room.(and DCI Oldroyd is present) Second, The Murder at Redmire Hall is a modern form of the classic manor house mystery - certain to delight the eccentric DCI Oldroyd and readers alike.

Lord Redmire is a womanizer and a gambler with many debts. By recreating his father’s famous illusion, he hopes to attract revenue. Instead he ends up with a knife in his back. Lord Redmire was far from well liked, and his family viewed him alternately as a source for funds and a source of embarrassment. Not only do DCI Oldroyd and DS Steph Johnson have to discover how the trick was performed, and thus who would have the opportunity. They also have to uncover which of the staff or overly entitled family members killed Lord Redmire - particularly since the consensus is the estate is better off without the late Lord Redmire.

The Murder at Redmire Hall is a wonderful British police procedural in the vein of Midsomer Murders or A Touch of Frost. DCI Oldroyd is charmingly eccentric, and very knowledgeable about Yorkshire history and customs. As much as I enjoy the mystery, I also enjoy the rich and colorful setting. If you enjoy light British police procedurals with plenty of local color and quirky characters, you will enjoy The Murder at Redmire Hall.

5 / 5

I received a copy of The Murder at Redmire Hall from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom

Description An impossible murder behind a locked door. Can DCI Oldroyd find the key to the mystery? Lord Redmire’s gambling habit has placed him in serious debt. Determined to salvage his fortune by putting Redmire Hall on the map, the aristocrat performs an impossible locked-door illusion on live TV. But as the cameras roll, his spectacular trick goes fatally wrong… Special guest DCI Jim Oldroyd has a front-row seat, but in all his years with the West Riding Police he’s never witnessed anything like this. He sees Redmire disappear—and then reappear, dead, with a knife in his back. As Oldroyd and DS Stephanie Johnson soon discover, nearly everyone at the event had a reason to resent the eccentric lord. But how did the murderer get into the locked room—or out, for that matter? When the only other person who knew the secret behind the illusion is brutally silenced, the case begins to look unsolvable. Because as Oldroyd and Johnson know, it’s not just a question of who did it and why—but how?

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