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Pinnacle City

Pinnacle City: A Superhero Noir Matt Carter, Fiona J. R. Titchenell FRONTLIST | August 14, 2018, On Sale Date: August 7, 2018 Trade Paperback | 272 pages Fiction / Superheroes Talos/ Ingram


I am extremely glad that I didn’t pass on the chance to read Pinnacle City. Normally, I have mixed feelings about superheroes mostly leaning towards the - meh category. Pinnacle City is very different from your average superhero novel. Pinnacle City has more in common with noir pulp detective fiction.

For the wealthy, Pinnacle City is a beautiful metropolis, filled with every convenience and protected by the glamorous Pinnacle City Guardians. The poor and the gene-damaged live in the Crescent and the wasteland beyond, struggling from day to day. Eddie Enriquez is a PI with a gift for seeing the past. When he’s asked to investigate a murder, he doesn’t anticipate the trouble it will cause or the fact that what looks to be the truth may hide something all the more sinister and dangerous. Kimberly Kline knows the glamorous side of Pinnacle City. She’s excited about becoming the new Solar Flare, but troubled by being assigned bodyguard to Pinnacle City’s mayor (a corrupt, bigoted, self aggrandizing misogynist) and his spoiled family. But her illusions are shattered after she meets Eddie and begins to learn about the growing darkness beneath she shining lights of Pinnacle City.

Pinnacle City is an excellent read that will please fans of pulp noir, urban fantasy, sci fi and superhero fiction.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Pinnacle City from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


Good and evil team up to bring down corruption in this pulpy mash-up of superheroes and noir detectives. To some people, Pinnacle City is a glittering metropolis, a symbol of prosperity watched over by the all-star superhero team, the Pinnacle City Guardians. But beneath the glitz and glamour is a gritty underbelly, one still feeling the physical and economic damage of the superhero-villain battles of generations past, where the lower class—immigrants, criminals, aliens, sorcerers, and non-humans alike—jostle and elbow for scraps to scrape by on. Private investigator Eddie Enriquez is an ex-con and veteran with powers of his own who still bears the scars of his time as a minion for a low-level supervillain. Good work’s been hard to come by until a mysterious woman shows up at his office with a case the police and superheroes are ignoring: the suspicious death of a prominent non-human rights activist. Meanwhile, superhero Kimberly Kline, a.k.a. Solar Flare, has just hit it big, graduating to the Pinnacle City Guardians. With good looks, incredible superpowers, and a family name that opens doors, the sky is the limit. But in trying to make the world a better place . . . she’ll discover Pinnacle City isn’t as black and white as it once seemed.

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