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Jack Gilmour: Wish Lawyer

Jack Gilmour: Wish Lawyer by Ed Ryder BooksGoSocial General Fiction (Adult) , Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 12 Jul 2018


There are many who would say that lawyers are from hell, but this one might just be your only chance of getting out of a demonic contract alive. Jack Gilmour is Las Vegas’s first and only demonic contract lawyer. In a city all too eager to sin where you can get anything if you are willing to sign on the dotted line - he’s the last line of defense. The novel starts with this unique premise, introducing a very different kind of hero in a world where demons readily interact with humans. Jack Gilmour is middle aged and balding, but he knows his demonic law. He also has friends, including a suave gambling wizard with major mojo. Don’t expect dry courtroom scenes. There’s plenty of action and more than a touch of dark humor.

When Eddie Malfitano’s naive nephew signs a contract guaranteeing the interest of the fiancé of one of Las Vegas’s biggest players, Jack is tasked with finding a way to break the contract. If it is consummated, there will be bloodshed on the streets and that doesn’t include what will happen to his nephew. The contract leads back to Lucia Oredis, a powerful demon and major player who agrees to break the contract in exchange for Jack finding out about a demonic conspiracy and ending it.

Part pulp mystery, part urban fantasy action Jack Gilmour Wish Lawyer is 100% fun. The unusual characters and the unique premise combined with Ed Ryder’s snappy dialogue make for a winning novel. I hope to see more of Ed Ryder and Jack Gilmour in future.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Jack Gilmour Wish Lawyer from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


Don’t be careful what you wish for, be certain! Meet Jack Gilmour, Las Vegas’ first and only demonic contract lawyer, protecting people against themselves from offers they can’t refuse. When a casino owner Eddie Malfitano’s nephew makes a potentially fatal pact to be with a woman he met at a club, the paper trail leads to Lucia Oredis, a powerful demon from Jack’s past. She proposes a deal: to cancel the contract, Jack must investigate a conspiracy in the corridors of demonic power, and help her destroy it. With time running out and his assistant missing, Jack goes on a quest to solve both mysteries and gets in over his head with both the human and demonic underworld. With only his wits, the Malfitano family and a gambling wizard for help, can Jack save the day and both worlds?

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