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Cross My Path

Cross My Path by Clea Simon Severn House Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 01 Jul 2018


Clea Simon is an astounding author with a unique talent for capturing the essence of both humans and animals in writing. Since its start, this series has been one of my favorites. The world of Cross My Path is a decaying one. There is limited commerce, and jobs and food are hard to come by. Few are literate, and women and children are always at risk from the more powerful who seek to profit off the weak. Care has taken over her mentor’s business, finding the lost and righting what wrongs she can - a difficult and dangerous job. Her cat Blackie does what he can to help and support her. If you have read the previous novels in the series (spoiler) you already know that some of her mentor’s consciousness survives in Blackie. This is of central importance to Cross My Path.

First, an old woman calling herself Blaze hires Care to find her brother’s effects. Care accepts the case after she is told that Blaze was referred by Querty. Then a dockworker comes in search of his younger coworker who has disappeared. It’s clear that he isn’t telling the whole truth but his worry is real. The cases are surprisingly intertwined, and there are secrets that pose a very real threat to Care and Blackie.

Cross My Path is a terrific addition to this addictive series. Part mystery, part dystopian fiction, Cross My Path will appeal to a wide range of readers, particularly those who love animals.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Cross My Path from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


The reappearance of an old enemy from the past spells trouble for young private investigator, Care, and her feline companion, Blackie. Care’s reputation as a private investigator is growing and clients are beating a path to her door. An elderly woman seeks her help in finding out what happened to her brother. Blackie senses he’s met this woman before, some time before he became a cat. But who is she – and what is their connection? At the same time, a dockworker asks Care to find a colleague who’s gone missing. But how come a poor labourer has the funds to pay for Care’s services? As Blackie and Care delve further, it becomes clear that neither client has been telling the whole truth. Then a body is discovered at the waterfront, and the investigation takes a disturbing new twist

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