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Cruising to Murder

Cruising to Murder by Mark McCrum Severn House Severn House Publishers Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 01 Oct 2018 Review What is better than a holiday? A holiday complete with murder. Cruising to Murder turns the traditional manor house mystery on its ear by using a luxury cruise as the setting. Isolated from authorities with a multitude of suspects on board, author/sleuth Francis Meadowes is tasked with solving two puzzling deaths - that of a wealthy woman who fell overboard and that of a well liked elderly woman in good health who died in her sleep. Cruising to Murder has a lot to offer readers. Not only is the story compelling, it also touches on a variety of modern issues - particularly our nonsensical tendency to categorize people based on their color, and the way we judge situations based on ingrained social expectations. Prejudice plays a role, less as a motivator, more as a way of viewing situations. It shows how easily people are deceived. Mark McCrum’s Cruising to Murder is an excellent mystery with a charming lead. Francis Meadowes is an intelligent man and an easy one to like. I look forward to reading more of McCrum’s novels. 5 / 5 I received a copy of Cruising to Murder from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. — Crittermom Description

Crime writer-sleuth Francis Meadowes finds himself embroiled in murder when he takes a job aboard a luxury cruise liner. Francis Meadowes has landed himself an enviable job lecturing on the history of crime writing aboard the Golden Adventurer as it cruises down the West African coast. His fellow passengers, including opinionated retired surgeon Klaus, mischievous elderly widow Eve, flamboyant designer Sebastian, beautiful American aid worker Sadie and her tedious but extremely wealthy aunt, are an eclectic group. But is any one of them capable of murder? When one of the guests is found dead in bed and a second disappears overboard, Francis finds himself drawn into a baffling murder investigation where nothing is as it first appears …

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