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Hush My Inner Sleuth

Hush, My Inner Sleuth by M.E. Meegs & W.B. Tigue Lycophos Press Literary Fiction , Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 21 May 2018


Hush My Inner Sleuth is an unusual book, fueled by early Hollywood scandals, pulp detective stories, and the original hipsters and cool cats. The framing mechanism used is very clever, but I don’t want to give the surprise away. Readers become acquainted with Willie after her friend Betty takes her place. Gamely, Willie heads to Hollywood, where she is to work for Betty”s uncle, Skip Riker, a famous detective. Before she arrives, an explosion takes Skip out, and Willie is cast in the role of sharp talking, whiskey swigging detective. Of course she has competing help in the form of Skip’s ghost and a strange narrator intent on commenting on her thoughts and actions. Is she in a novel? Or are novels dead now that Hollywood talkies are all the rage?

Readers are in for a wild ride, regardless of what they decide. Hush My Inner Sleuth celebrates Hollywood in its heyday, the glory of pulp detective fiction, and the beginnings of modern feminism. It is strange, funny, and lots of fun to read. It won’t appeal to everyone, but I expect it will have a home in an academic setting.

4 / 5

I received a copy of Hush My Inner Sleuth from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


In the fall of 1947, the pulp-inflected ghost of Skip Ryker—a recently atomized Hollywood detective—hijacks the head of a literarily precocious young woman named Willie Tigue. The results are anything but predictable. The serpentine saga opens at a New England women’s college, where the ever-playful Betty escapes a meddlesome narrator by slipping her friend Willie a mickey and assuming her identity. Undaunted, the plucky storyteller adopts Willie as her new protagonist and travels with her to L.A. Meanwhile, the ethereal Ryker—whose corporeal being is reduced to lawn fertilizer when his pool house is provisioned with plastic explosive—tries in vain to solve his untimely demise. What he needs, it quickly becomes apparent, is a willing instrument. The ensuing collision of these disparate narratives sparks a battle royal for control of Willie’s suggestible psyche—and subsequently, movie rights to the book.

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