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The Death Chamber

The Death Chamber

by Lesley Thomson

Head of Zeus

General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 05 Apr 2018


So many secrets, so many lies. When Stella Darnell is hired by Lisa Mercer, the daughter of the detective who failed to find Bryony Motson, but discovered the body of Cassie Baker who disappeared over 20 years before, she is initially reluctant to take the case. Paul Mercer is set on blaming Charlie Brice for the death and disappearance, but there was never any evidence of him being involved in either. Stella accepts the case on the condition that she is taking it to discover the truth - whatever it may be. What she doesn’t expect is a complicated mystery that involves some of the people she knows very well.

The Death Chamber is slow at points, and the prickly Stella can be difficult to empathize with. The story, however is well plotted, even if the involvement of her friends in the case is almost too much of a coincidence, almost too improbable. Lesley Thomson spends a lot of time developing the characters, a definite aide for newcomers to the series. While it isn’t perfect, The Death Chamber is a good mystery that has plenty of twists. I will definitely try another of Lesley Thomson’s mysteries.

4 / 5

I received a copy of The Death Chamber from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

-- Crittermom



Beneath the beauty lurks something bad...

June, 1977

As night falls, seventeen-year-old Cassie Baker leaves Winchcome and takes her usual short-cut down a moonlit country lane. She never makes it home. With no body, and no evidence, she's just another teenage runaway.

December, 1999

A manhunt is launched for a missing girl, Bryony Motson. The search leads Cotswold police to an ancient burial site outside Winchcombe. Here, inside a stone chamber, are the remains of Cassie Baker. Bryony is never found.

June, 2016

Stella Darnell, cleaner and private detective, moves to Winchcombe to solve the long-cold case. By now, evidence has decayed, gossip become fact, and witnesses forgotten what they saw. And, if there is a killer in their midst, it is someone who has got away with murder for twenty years. Someone who will do anything to keep it that way...

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