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The Bengal Identity

The Bengal Identity

by Eileen Watkins

Kensington Books

Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 27 Mar 2018


Like it’s predecessors, The Bengal Identity offers a solidly crafted mystery that will be enjoyed by cat lovers and mystery aficionados alike. Not only does Eileen Watkins not hesitate to address issues of importance to animal lovers (in this case the reckless breeding of hybrid cats), she does so in a way that is informative and inoffensive. When combined with her skillful plotting, it is no wonder the Cassie McGlone mysteries are bestsellers.

In The Bengal Identity, Cassie is tasked with solving a murder and finding a missing owner. When a man brings a brown cat of unknown origin begging Cassie to board her for a few days, Cassie reluctantly agrees. But she and her assistant quickly discover that something isn’t quite right. When they bathe Ayesha, the brown washes away leaving a distinctive pattern underneath. Why is she being disguised, and who is the man who left her behind. When the man turns up as the victim of a hit and run and Cassie’s business is targeted, she begins to wonder what Ayesha’s connection to the situation is and who really owns her.

Cassie and the other central characters are well developed. Even if you haven’t read Eileen Watkins’s previous mysteries, it is no problem to jump right in with The Bengal Identity. If you enjoy mysteries and you love cats, you definitely should take the time to read The Bengal Identity. I enjoyed it, and after the teaser, am already looking forward to the next book in the series.

5 / 5

I received a copy of The Bengal Identity from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

-- Crittermom


Everyone knows a leopard can't change its spots. But can a thief hide the spots on a catnapped Bengal? Groomer Cassie McGlone is about to find out . . .

With no ID for his pet, an agitated young man shows up at Cassie's Comfy Cats claiming his house has burned down and he needs to board his big, brown cat, Ayesha. But after a bath washes dye out of the cat's coat and reveals beautiful spots, Cassie suspects the exotic-looking feline may in fact be a valuable Bengal show cat, possibly stolen. At the same time, there are rumored sightings of a "wild cat" in the hills of Chadwick, New Jersey. Could there be a connection?

When Ayesha's alleged owner turns up dead, it looks like whoever wants the beautiful Bengal is not pussyfooting around. Working with the police, Cassie and her staff need to be careful not to reveal the purloined purebred's whereabouts while they discreetly make inquiries to cat breeders to find her real owners. But after a break-in attempt rattles Cassie's cage, it's clear someone let the cat out of the bag. And when a second body is found, it's up to Cassie to spot the killer, who may be grooming her to be the next victim . . .

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