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Wrath of the Fury Blade

Wrath of the Fury Blade

by Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee

Shadow Dragon Press

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles

Mystery & Thrillers , Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 18 Apr 2018


Wrath of the Fury Blade has potential, but it definitely needs a good bit of work. Habiger and Kissee spend far too much time describing incidentals and elements of each character’s appearance, rather than taking the time to develop the characters. It reads more like a gm run adventure game than an actual novel. It got to the point where it was distracting and more than a bit annoying. Readers really don’t need detailed descriptions of everyone’s hair. Elements of the plot were left at loose ends (why did the Wake affect Reva so severely so quickly), and there were areas where editing missed problems (duplicated text in chapter 29) and wrong word usage.

With some refinement Wrath of the Fury Blade could be a solid first novel. It has an interesting plot and a pair of well developed leads. But at the present time I can’t give it more than a 3.

3 / 5

I received a copy of Wrath of the Fury Blade from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

-- Crittermom


The brutal murder of Lavalé fey Avecath, the King’s First Magistrate and advisor, interrupts Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria’s day off. The victim’s status makes this a high-profile investigation, bringing with it unwanted attention from Senior Inquisitor Ailan Malvaceä of the Sucra, the King’s secret police. The manner of the victim’s death makes this case even more intriguing. A body cut perfectly in half – from top to bottom – is a rare occurrence, even in a city filled with all manner of magic weapons. All of this would be challenging enough, but Inspector Lunaria must also deal with a new partner, Seeker Ansee Carya, who is clearly not up to her standards.

As Reva faces a growing body count, Senior Inquisitor Malvaceä undertakes his own mission to find the same killer, but with a very different agenda. Reva’s investigation takes unexpected turns as wild conspiracies, hidden addictions, and Dark Elf soldiers all threaten to distract Reva from tracking down the killer. Reva’s only hope of stopping the serial killer from cutting more prominent citizens of Tenyl in half is to figure out how to work with Seeker Carya and overcome her own weaknesses.

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