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Double Dog Dare

DOUBLE DOG DARE A Davis Way Crime Caper by Gretchen Archer Henery Press Humor , Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 20 Mar 2018


Double Dog Dare is deliciously chaotic. Davis and her family and friends swoop from one misadventure to the next with scarcely enough time for the reader to take a breath. Throw in a huge cast of larger and weirder than life characters - including a dog that looks like a hairless mutant and is half as friendly (only eats cannelloni and thumbprint cookies) and smells like garlic - and readers definitely have a winner.

In this wacky caper, Davis’s sister , Meredith and Meredith’s best friend’s pooch, has been kidnapped by the pastor of Pine Apple and is being held for a million in ransom. On top of this, Davis has to deal with Vree who gives even the most talented talkers a run for their money, a smelly dog with a fascination for Madeline Albright, and a pair of lottery winners with an immense capacity for destruction - and that doesn’t even begin to cover a disappearing corpse, a doctor with more quack than tact, and a wrathful would-be witch.

Davis has a lot to do before her hubby gets home.

Double Dog Dare is frightfully funny, wildly chaotic, and ultimately unforgettable. Be prepared for one wild ride.

4 / 5

I received a copy of Double Dog Dare from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


Hot diggety dog, the fur is flying in USA TODAY bestselling author Gretchen Archer’s latest. It’s not just good, it’s “Best in Show!” – Janet Evanovich Problem #1: Bootsy Howard Davis Way Cole lives a (relatively) quiet, (somewhat) simple, and (completely) witch-free life with her husband and twin daughters on the 29th floor of the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Until Bootsy Howard shows up demanding a million dollars. Problem #2: Princess Smucker What was marketing thinking when they booked the Southern Canine Association’s annual dog show at the Bellissimo? And what was Davis thinking when she agreed to let a dog stay with her? For a week? In her home? The home where she lives a (fairly) quiet, (reasonably) simple, and (totally) manicotti-free life? Problem #3: Leverette Urleen, MD The last thing Davis needs is an unsolicited house call from Pine Apple, Alabama’s latest excuse for a doctor. But since he’s there, considering she has a dead body on ice, she might as well have him determine the cause of death. Which he doesn’t. Nor is he any help finding the body when Davis loses it. On top of all that, he won’t leave, further disrupting Davis’s (more or less) quiet, (to a certain degree) simple, and (utterly) seersucker-free life. A life that’s about to go to the dogs. Unless Davis can learn a few new tricks. Fast. Guaranteed woofs, the best thing since the bone, take Double Dog Dare for a walk and you’re sure to unleash a treat

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