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The Glass Blade

The Glass Blade by Ryan Wieser Kensington Books Rebel Base Books Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 06 Mar 2018


The Glass Blade is an exciting tale that will easily appeal to fans of Star Wars. From the start the parallels between the Hunters of Infinity and the Jedi are obvious. Both are skilled fighter who use a wholly unique weapon and both are masters of the powers of the mind. Such was the similarity that it took me quite some time to take the novel seriously. Like Rey, Jessop is a rarity, a woman with ability as great or possibly greater than the Hunters of Infinity. Here is where the novel departs. Despite saving two Hunters, Jessop is viewed with suspicion and distrust, and is even tortured. She possesses knowledge of their greatest enemy, knowledge that would be of immeasurable help. But there has never been a female Hunter. Is Jessop the answer to their hopes, or does she have a darker purpose? Sometimes the line between light and dark is difficult to see - and sometimes hope lies in the dark.

The Glass Blade is a solid, well written fantasy/sci-fi novel that has a nice twist.

Jessop is a compelling, multifaceted lead. Her fresh perspective leads readers to question how “good” the Hunters are. Ryan Wieser is a good writer and The Glass Blade is a promising debut. For some the similarity between the Hunters and the Jedi will be an attraction, while for others it will be a distraction. I'm curious to see what his next novel has to offer.

4 / 5

I received a copy of The Glass Blade from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


Description The Hunters of Infinity have been protecting the Daharian galaxy for years, but there has never been a female Hunter—until now. In a seedy bar in the shadowy corners of Daharia, Jessop comes to the rescue of young Hunter Kohl O’Hanlon. Impressed by her remarkable sword-wielding skills, the Hunters invite her to their training facility, the Glass Blade, though not all are pleased with the intrusion. But they soon discover that Jessop learned to fight from the rogue leader of the Shadow City of Aranthol—and escaped. Now they want to use her intimate knowledge of their enemy to destroy him. As Jessop grows closer to this elite brotherhood, their leader succumbs to a mysterious ailment, and Kohl learns that Jessop is hiding dark secrets, raising suspicions about the enigmatic woman who saved his life. Has the Hunters’ security been breached—or do they have a traitor in their ranks? Allegiances will be questioned. Loyalties will be betrayed. Vengeance will be brutal.

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