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The General Theory of Haunting

The General Theory of Haunting

by Richard Easter Endeavour Press General Fiction (Adult) , Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 24 Dec 2017 Review

The best ghost stories are not what you expect. The General Theory of Haunting is so much more than your average tale of gothic mystery. Yes, you get your isolated manor house, cut off from the outside world. You are told the inevitable - the house is not haunted - the strange sounds you hear are pipes and the house settling.

After Lord Francis Marryman’s wife died in 1809, he was beset with a desire - to construct a physical means of reuniting with his beloved wife. The result of his work, this unusual house in the middle of nowhere where the staff of K&K Publishing is to stay for the New Year’s holiday.

The six who arrive are initially charmed, but become more disturbed as the long weekend progresses. Cut off from the world, in the claustrophobic atmosphere of a house filled with echoing footsteps and whispers, the troop feel their secrets pressing in. They have the opportunity to solve the puzzle of a lifetime, but doing so may lead to their ultimate destruction.

The General Theory of Haunting is an excellent book. I liked how the “Haunting” was ultimately handled. I did have one bone to pick and it is a big one - the way tricyclic antidepressants were portrayed. Not enough research was done. Ultimately the details put out about tricyclics were complete nonsense. Based on the descriptions in the text, it sounded like the author was confusing tricyclics with benzodiazepines.The main reason I’m harping on this is that some people may choose to take their medication differently based on false/outdated info in the book.

Without that big problem I would give the novel a 5, but I think my concern is serious enough to downgrade The General Theory of Haunting to a 4.

4 / 5

I received a copy of The General Theory of Haunting from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom

Description Every haunting has a design… Winter, 1809. Lord Francis Marryman’s wife, Patience, is dying. In the madness of his grief, desperate to keep Patience’s memory alive, he’s compelled to build a memorial in the form of a remote country Hall. But as the plans move forward, Marryman Hall seems to become alive with more than just memories. Francis, a brilliant mathematician and scholar, has built more into the walls than just bricks and mortar. Autumn, 2018. Siblings Greg and Lucy Knights, owners of K&K Publishing Company, are seeking a venue to celebrate the 18th anniversary of their company’s inception. At such short notice, there is only one option that still has vacancies: Marryman Hall. Winter arrives and as heavy snow falls, the guests drop out until a much depleted party of just 6 reach their destination and soon find themselves snowed in. As the guests’ private lives and demons are exposed in the increasingly awkward, claustrophobic atmosphere , the secrets of Marryman Hall and her history are also brought into shocking light from the darkness. In his grief, it’s possible that Lord Francis Marryman may have made a terrible mistake… The General Theory of Haunting, is the perfect ghost story to curl up with on the long winter nights - like Marryman Hall's guests, you won't know what's truly happening until it's way too late...

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