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Paris Adrift

Paris Adrift

by E.J. Swift



General Fiction (Adult) , Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 06 Feb 2018


Paris Adrift is the kind of story that sneaks up on you. At first you are intrigued but slightly distracted by Hallie’s whirlwind of experience - then you find yourself caught in a web of possibilities, thinking about the issues raised long after you’ve closed the book. The title is Paris Adrift, but in reality is it is Hallie, addicted to traveling through the time portal who is adrift. Each trip she makes changes the world, but what type of world will it become? And who is she becoming?

Paris Adrift is a unique novel. When I read it, I liked it, but wasn’t astounded. Then, I found myself thinking about the contents more and more, reconsidering the issues. That is what I meant by Paris Adrift sneaking up on you. It is the type of novel that affects you after it is finished.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Paris Adrift from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom


Paris was supposed to save Hallie. Now...well, let's just say Paris has other ideas.

There's a strange woman called The Chronometrist who will not leave her alone. Garbled warnings from bizarre creatures keep her up at night. And there's a time portal in the keg room of the bar where she works.

Soon, Hallie is tumbling through the turbulent past and future Paris, making friends, changing the world - and falling in love.

But with every trip, Hallie loses a little of herself, and every infinitesimal change she makes ripples through time, until the future she's trying to save suddenly looks nothing like what she hoped for...

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