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Heir Ascendant

Heir Ascendant (Faded Skies #1)

Book ONE of the Faded Skies

by Matthew S. Cox

Curiosity Quills Press

Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 05 Oct 2017


Heir Ascendant surprised me, it is far from easy to write a science fiction novel where a 9 year old girl is the central figure. No matter how intelligent she is, she is still a child. Matthew Cox did a superb job of making Maya authentic. Though she is intelligent, she is naive and starved for affection and that makes her vulnerable. Some may question her sudden deep attachment to Genna, but in a way it’s realistic. Genna may have been one of her kidnappers, but she also protected Maya, and Maya being starved of any kind of female attention was drawn to that and what Genna represented - a strong but emotional female figure.

I won’t be giving too much away by saying that the majority of the novel focuses on Maya’s attempts to find and rescue her new mother. She doesn’t intend to be a hero or an agent for change, she is just a little girl, but Matthew Cox proves just how powerful the desire for an ideal can be.

Cox’s world is far from friendly. Most people live in crumbling ruins, living a hard existence. Lucky ones go to the city to work during the day. The city is where citizens live and everything you dream of can be found for a price. Drones patrol and the police are little more than corporate enforcers. Worst of all is the Fade, a deadly disease leftover from the war. Noone is safe from the disease, and the treatment is only available to those with the means to pay.

Heir Ascendant is an impressive science fiction novel, richly imagined with a large cast of characters. At its heart though is one 9 year old girl determined to find her new mother. I look forward to reading the next novel in the series.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Heir Ascendant from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Heir Ascendant is the first installment of the Faded Skies

In the aftermath of World War Three, the most famous face in the world belongs to a nine year old girl.

Maya Oman is the daughter of the woman who controls what’s left of civilization, the CEO of Ascendant Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Her smile is as ubiquitous as air, selling everything from vital medicine to vanity drugs with risky side effects. Lifelike android clones reside in over a dozen homes, shielding her from the violent resentment of a population straining under her mother’s boot heel.

Ascendant’s power comes from Xenodril, a drug capable of reversing the effects of Fade, a disease some claim came from aliens or from the governments that predate the war. Only Ascendant sells it, and at a price only Citizens can afford. The rest are left to die.

Maya’s earliest memories are of living alone in a penthouse apartment, desperate for the attention of a mother who never visits. Forbidden to go out except to record advertising video, her only friend has been the ‘net. When she is taken for ransom by a group of mercenaries with nothing left to lose, she discovers her life may not be what she thought it was-or wants.

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