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Caturday Reads: Chained


A Kate Turner DVM Mystery #3

by Eileen Brady

Poisoned Pen Press

Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 05 Dec 2017


I am so glad I got the chance to read Chained. It’s a great mystery filled with plenty of suspense and just a touch of humor and romance. Kate Turner is a believable, well-rounded individual that you can easily imagine working in your local veterinary office. I absolutely loved the wide range of quirky clients and their pets. More to the point, I also loved the mystery. Flynn Keegan disappeared a decade ago. Most believed he had set sail for Hollywood, but only one person knew what really happened - until Flynn’s remains are discovered by one of Kate’s more exuberant clients. What starts as curiosity, becomes a formal investigation when Flynn’s family asks Kate to find out who killed Flynn and why. Kate doesn’t have access to a forensics lab. What she does have is persistence, and a willingness to ask uncomfortable questions. She also has the help of an old flame, an anthropologist looking to rekindle their relationship. Delving through Flynn’s life and unearthing old secrets is liable to show whodunnit, but will Kate discover the truth before she becomes a victim?

Chained is a great novel, perfect for animal lovers looking for something a bit different. Kate is an amazing heroine - kind, intelligent, vulnerable and persistent. I definitely would recommend Chained to anyone looking for a well written mystery that is not formulaic and has memorable characters - particularly if they love animals.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Chained from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Everyone in the charming Hudson Valley town of Oak Falls expected Flynn Keegan, their handsome blond "Golden Boy" to make it big in Hollywood. So when veterinarian Kate Turner identifies a bone dug up by one of her dog patients as human, no one thinks back ten years to remember Flynn. Until DNA and a smashed skull prove he was murdered.

With few clues available to the forensic team, the grieving family begs Kate to investigate. His four closest friends plead ignorance. Neighbors and teachers remember the charismatic young man but offer no real help. Meanwhile, Kate is juggling her eccentric house call clients, a silly pot-bellied pig wedding and the sudden re-appearance of an old college boyfriend. Anthropologist Jeremy Engels, who returns like Indiana Jones from an African dig, is eager to rekindle their romance and offer his help. Together, they plan to crash Flynn's high school reunion, a re-creation of his senior prom, and interview his fellow students. Time isn't of the essence with a ten-year-old cold case. Right? Her Gramps is convinced the killer is long gone, just like the illegally captured brown bear she helped save, now roaming free in the woods. But Kate soon discovers that chains of love can be as strong as those made of steel—and some deadly secrets have put her next on the kill list.

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