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Dead Links

Dead Links

by Joshua Ingle

City Starlight Press

Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 02 Jan 2018


Dead Links is a well thought out piece of science fiction. Don’t be put off by the slow start. As you progress the story becomes more complex and far more interesting. What looks initially like a bog standard murder mystery set in the near future is in reality an exploration of what makes up reality and identity. It asks how far we are willing to go and what are we willing to sacrifice in order to be entertained. It questions the nature of our vast hunger for consumer goods and the difficulty we have connecting with other people. Though it brings up a lot of important questions, it doesn’t preach. Our answers and interpretations are our own. It is easy to feel contempt for Alan as he is an addict and in his own words a murderer. But is it possible his addiction mirrors our own, only to greater extreme? Ingle’s usage of current brands and company names made the situations in the novel at once uncomfortably real and a constant reminder of the separation of reader from novel.

Dead Links is thought provoking, and definitely shows that Joshua Ingles has great promise as a writer. While it has its minor faults, on the whole it is well written and raises questions that are extremely important.

4 / 5

I received a copy of Dead Links from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.




When Emilio Cassano, owner and CEO of a global corporate empire, is discovered in the lobby of his own skyscraper with a bullet through his head, his powerful family hires Guy Rosen, private investigator, to track down the killer and bring him to justice. For Guy, it’s the case of a lifetime, but it’s also among the most perplexing mysteries he's ever faced. No one witnessed the murder, the building’s security footage was erased, and his only lead is Emilio’s drunken playboy of a son.

But as Guy interviews potential suspects, including members of the Cassano family, he uncovers an ominous, paranoia-inducing secret that the family has kept hidden. A secret it will do anything to protect. A secret that causes the full power of the surveillance state to descend upon Guy and his colleagues.

A secret that has a disturbing connection to Guy’s own past.

(This book contains mature content, including profanity, violence, and sexual situations, and is suitable for adult readers only.)

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