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The Ledberg Runestone

The Ledberg Runestone

The Jonah Heywood Chronicles - Book One

by Patrick Donovan

Diversion Books

Diversion Publishing

General Fiction (Adult) , Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 30 Jan 2018


The Ledberg Runestone will appeal to fans of the Dresden Files and other, similar urban fantasies. It features a ragtag ne'er do well shaman more used to pretending than to using actual magic. Past experience has taught Jonah that being a hero is not all it’s cracked up to be. But being in debt to the Carver brothers, Asheville’s version of the mafia, means that if he doesn’t come up with the cash he owes, he will be six feet under and his father will come tumbling after. Still, retrieving a runestone for 20,000 has too many risks. Jonah may be a drunken fool, but even he realizes that that much cash comes with strings attached. Reluctantly, Jonah begins his search for the runestone and finds himself drawing the attention of powerful players. Jonah doesn’t have a plan, but he does have ability and friends.

It’s difficult to dislike Jonah. Despite his alcoholism, his heart is in the right place. He wants to protect his father and his friends, but his blindness to his flaws is a major weakness. Like most alcoholics, Jonah is in denial about his problem and that problem leads him into a hell of a lot of trouble.

As a series debut, The Ledberg Runestone is a definite success. It has a well developed lead that despite his flaws is likable. It introduces a supernatural world that is complex and a little different from the norm. And the story creates interest as well as curiosity as to what will happen next. I definitely recommend The Ledberg Runestone to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy.

4 / 5

I received a copy of The Ledberg Runestone from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



A daring urban fantasy adventure through the rough roads of Asheville perfect for fans of Jim Butcher and M.D. Massey.

Magic: To some, it’s spectacle. To Jonah, it’s pure profit.

A shaman for hire, Jonah can tap into his powers as easily as turning on a light switch, but the real money is in putting on a show. And after putting himself in debt to the Carver brothers, Asheville’s version of a mafia, in order to save his father’s business, he’s in need of some real money.

Then a mysterious woman makes Jonah a staggering offer: $20,000—to find and deliver the Ledberg runestone, a legendary artifact of Norse myth. He’s suspicious of the case and the buyer, but when the Carvers threaten Jonah’s father if they don’t get their payment within the month, Jonah starts his investigation.

As he explores Asheville’s seedy magical underbelly, Jonah discovers he’s not alone on the hunt. Will Jonah survive long enough to save his father, or will his past of swindling mortals and dodging debt collectors finally catch up with him?

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