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We Care for You

We Care For You by Paul Kitcatt Unbound General Fiction (Adult) , Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 07 Nov 2017


We Care for You is one of the best pieces of speculative fiction I have read. It is beautiful and thought provoking. It gives you a new appreciation of individuals we commonly ignore - the very old. There isn't “action” in the traditional sense. Instead, the novel meanders, exploring what it means to be human through various perspectives - Margaret, an elderly woman revitalized, Winifred, an artificial human who cares for Margaret, and Margaret’s son, John. Everything changes when the Helpers come to Margaret’s care home. Men and women suffering from dementia and other ills are suddenly revitalized, able to do the things they were once able to do - in particular communicate. It is a joyous event that is shadowed by the other uses helpers might be put to. It’s a fascinating read.

We Care for You is a wonderful book that shows just how compelling speculative fiction can be. Not everyone will appreciate the novel’s slow pace and meditative nature, but those who are interested are in for a treat.

5 / 5

I received a copy of We Care for You from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


Description Margaret Woodruff is slowly dying in a care home. When her son is presented with the chance of exceptional care in her final months, he finds the offer hard to resist. Winifred is assigned to Margaret’s care. She’s a Helper: a new kind of carer that’s capable, committed and completely tireless – because she’s a synthetic human being. Under Winifred’s care Margaret’s health improves beyond everyone’s expectations, and Winifred begins to learn from Margaret what it means to be alive. After all, she has a lifetime of experience to pass on – and in a world where youth is the ultimate prize, perhaps it takes a robot to recognise the value of old age. But how will Winifred use what she learns from Margaret – and what does she truly want from her?

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