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A Long Way Down

Long Way Down, A by Ken McCoy Severn House

Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 01 Nov 2017


A Long Way Down is a bit different from your average police procedural. Sep Black is a DI, but he acts as a lone wolf, bending the rules in order to get results. His newest case both intrigues him and falls under the purview of the team to which he is assigned, the cold case squad. A journalist’s wife is convinced that her husband’s death is related to a case he was investigating- the death of a rich businessmen. As her husband died in a rundown hotel known for prostitution his death was dismissed as a mugging. His widow wants Sep to find the truth and she is willing to pay 50k to get answers.

Unlike many British police procedurals, A Long Way Down is heavy on action - exploding cars, gunfights, chases. Sep breaks rules with impunity, lies endlessly and doesn't worry about injuring suspects. He is charming, handsome and has a winning way with reluctant witnesses. Expect plenty of collateral damage. I can easily see the Sep Black novels being made into a tv series. I loved A Long Way Down. With it’s action, twisting plot and enthralling lead it is a definite winner.

5 / 5

I received a copy of A Long Way Down from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Detective Inspector Sep Black finds himself investigating two connected cold cases in the second of this exhilarating series of hard-hitting police procedurals. When a wealthy businessman suffers a fatal fall from his office window, the forensic evidence points to murder. But with no suspects, no clues and no apparent motive, the police investigation stalls. It’s passed over to the Cold Case Unit where it remains on file, inactive until further evidence emerges. Some months later, an attractive widow approaches DI Sep Black with a request that he look into the murder of her husband. Freelance journalist James Boswell had been working on a major story – and his widow Sandra believes it had something to do with his death. What did Boswell discover that got him killed? As he starts to ask questions, Black uncovers a possible connection between the two murders. But before he can find out more, an almost-successful attempt on his life reveals that someone is determined to stop him finding out the truth – whatever it takes.

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