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A Dangerous Language

A Dangerous Language The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries: Book 8 by Sulari Gentill Pantera Press Historical Fiction , Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 01 Oct 2017


A Dangerous Language is a profoundly affecting historical mystery. The amount of time Sulari Gentill spent researching shows. This is one impeccably plotted mystery. Politics, particularly the conflict between communism and fascism, play an important role in this complex story.

Rowland Sinclair has experienced firsthand the threat of fascism and seen the rise of the Nazis in Germany. His experiences have led him to support many of the communist ideals and he is friends with communists, although he is not a party member himself. There are two distinct but merging plotlines. A communist agent is murdered on the steps of Parliament House moments before meeting with a friend of Rowland’s. The murder is clearly politically motivated, but anticommunist sentiment makes justice unlikely to occur. Rowland, has also taken it upon himself to arrange transport of a journalist targeted by the Nazi regime - but even if he is allowed in the country, he may not survive to speak.

Glamor, bohemianism, artistry and political activism all play a role in this wonderful novel. A Dangerous Language is a novel to read when you want to reflect on ideals in addition to enjoying an action packed plot. The characters are vibrant, complicated individuals - people you want to watch. Together it’s an explosive combination.

5 / 5

I received a copy of A Dangerous Language from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Book 8 in the Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series. Set against the glamorous backdrop of the 1930s in Australia and overseas, A Dangerous Language is the latest in the much loved, award winning Rowland Sinclair Mysteries. When a Communist agent is murdered on the steps of Parliament House, Rowland Sinclair finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of politics and assassination. A disgraced minister, an unidentified corpse and an old flame all bring their own special bedlam. Once again Rowland Sinclair stands against the unthinkable, with an artist, a poet and a brazen sculptress by his side.

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