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The Corpse in the Snowman

The Corpse in the Snowman A Nigel Strangeways Mystery by Nicholas Blake Ipso Books General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 21 Aug 2017 Review If you like historical mysteries or reprints of novels from the Golden Age of Mystery, you should definitely read at least one of Nicholas Blake’s novels. The Nigel Strangeways mysteries are challenging puzzles where human psychology plays a major role. The Corpse in the Snowman is an excellent manor house mystery that pits Nigel Strangeways and his wife Georgia against a cunning criminal, but is that criminal also a murderer? Elizabeth Restorick is beautiful and troubled, a hedonist and an addict. Her family is stunned when her body is discovered. But is it a suicide, or a murder made to look like suicide. At the urging of Georgia's cousin and the Restorick family, Nigel explores the possibilities. Is it the enigmatic doctor from London who has been treating Elizabeth’s addiction, or her spurned suitor ? A jealous friend or a member of the family embarrassed by her behavior or seeking her inheritance? The case is a complicated one, made more so by the strange circumstances surrounding her death. The Corpse in the Snowman is a fascinating mystery that stands the test of time. If you enjoy traditional manor house mysteries, The Corpse in the Snowman is an excellent choice. 4 / 5 I received a copy of The Corpse in the Snowman from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description Sex. Money. Drugs. Take your choice. In middle of a cold snap, with snow swirling round the imposing Easterham Manor, Nigel and Georgia Strangeways enter the warmth of the Victorian estate. But upon their arrival, the couple quickly learn that all is not as cozy as it seems. The whole house is pervaded by a sense of foreboding: a room is haunted, the cat is possessed, and the specter of the enigmatic Elizabeth Restorick looms. Confounded by the guests’ strange reactions to the very mention of Elizabeth’s name, Nigel never gets the chance to form his own opinion of the young woman. The next morning, Elizabeth Restorick is found hanged and naked in her room, a hint of a smile playing on her painted lips. Could her apparent suicide be more than just that? Would this beautiful girl, sensuous, compassionate, full of vitality, have taken her own life? Or did someone take it from her? With too many loose ends to count, planted evidence, and motives mounting, Nigel must delve into Miss Restorick’s colourful past to solve this tragic mystery.

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