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An action lover's valentine - Grand Passion

Grand Passion by James Robinson Diamond Book Distributors Dynamite Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels , Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 15 Aug 2017


Grand Passion is a romance novel written with men in mind. More gunshots and explosions than hearts and flowers grace these pages as a small-town cop falls in love with a bank robber. Meeting face to face during a shootout that leaves them both partnerless, they are destined to either kill each other or get it on. Grand Passion is violent, its romance unbelievable and its dialogue corny, but it is a fun ride. It definitely isn't for everyone. If your ideal story has plenty of explosions, bullets, sex and corruption, Grand Passion is the graphic novel for you. The art is sensational, even if the plot is simplistic. This is not for younger or more sensitive audiences.

3 / 5

I received a copy of Grand Passion from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


Description James Robinson, one of the industry's finest writers (Squadron Supreme, Scarlet Witch, Starman), delivers the surprising, funny, violent, and sexy tale of romance that comics have been missing! James "Mac" McNamara's a cop. Mabel's a crook. They're two wayward souls, fated to fall in love at first sight... even as Mabel swears to kill him if it's the last thing she does. It's harlequin romance meets hard-boiled crime, as only Robinson and sensational artist Tom Feister can deliver! Reviews: "An excellent writer/artist combination from the beginning." - Outright Geekery "A worthy trip to take." - Fandom Post "Robinson and Feister challenge preconceptions and push the story into unexpected places... Well done story at every turn." - Multiversity Comics "Feels different than a lot of crime comics in its touches of earnest romance. That mix of bullets and valentines makes the book enjoyable and fresh." - Capeless Crusader

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