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9 Tales of Raffalon - Accompany a bold thief on his misadventures

9 Tales of Raffalon by Matthew Hughes Matthew Hughes Mystery & Thrillers , Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 01 May 2017


Raffalon is a thief of extraordinary skill and equally extraordinary bad luck. But Raffalon’s misfortunes are the reader’s gain as they accompany him on his adventures and misadventures, as he talks himself into and out of trouble. Matthew Hughes combines action and humor as skillfully as Raffalon picks a lock. He also doesn't allow his work to be too bogged down with serious ideas, taking pleasure in light fantasy that fans of Zelazny and Robert Lyn Asprin will easily enjoy. This anthology consists of 9 of Raffalon’s most thrilling adventures. Although it can be enjoyed in one long sitting. (The adventures are neither formulaic nor repetitive), the stories pair well with a morning cup of coffee or a relaxing afternoon tea. If you are looking for a fun, lighthearted fantasy romp, look no further. 9 Tales of Raffalon is the book for you.

5 / 5

I received a copy of 9 Tales of Raffalon from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



A THIEF IN THE DYING EARTH In an age of wizards and walled cities, Raffalon is a journeyman member of the Ancient and Honorable Guild of Purloiners and Purveyors. In other words, a thief. His skills allow him to scale walls, tickle locks, defeat magical wards. He lifts treasures and trinkets, and spends the proceeds on ale and sausages in taverns where a wise thief sits with his back to the wall. But somehow things often go the way they shouldn’t and then Raffalon has to rely upon his wits and a well calibrated sense of daring. Here are nine tales that take our enterprising thief into the Underworld and Overworld, and pit him against prideful thaumaturges, grasping magnates, crooked guild masters, ghosts, spies, ogres, and a talented amateur assassin. Includes “Inn of the Seven Blessings,” from the bestselling anthology, ROGUES, and “Sternutative Sortilege,” which appears only in this collection.

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