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Caturday Reads: Enforcing the Paw

Enforcing the Paw A Paw Enforcement Novel by Diane Kelly St. Martin's Press St. Martin's Paperbacks Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 27 Jun 2017


The Paw Enforcement series is delightfully different, depicting the day to day experiences of Megan and her k-9 partner Brijit. As uniformed officers, most of their day is spent on writing citations, investigating robberies and other non-homicide crimes. The stories have just the right balance of seriousness and humor. And Brijit is a dog lover’s dream. I love the chapters that are written from her perspective. Even the romance aspect between Seth and Megan is perfect, neither over nor under done.

Enforcing the Paw is an excellent addition to the series, tackling a difficult case of ex vs ex. The woman insists her ex is stalking her but her ex insists the same thing. The evidence is inconclusive, but the situation is escalating. There is realism in that there are situations which aren’t clear cut. Police officers often have to make decisions based on incomplete or inconclusive evidence. Diane Kelly makes the inherent difficulties clear as Megan and Brijit struggle to find out the truth. Whenever I read one of Diane Kelly’s novels, I know I can expect a well thought out plot. There are also dashes of humor, such as Megan’s pursuit of the tootsie roll bandit. I also like the way Diane Kelly showcases the various ways a k-9 is trained and the tasks they perform. Brijit is smart, capable, but still very much a dog who is at times incorrigible and who is always sweet and funny.

If you love dogs and mysteries or are simply looking for a different type of cozy, look no further. I highly recommend Enforcing the Paw.

5 / 5

I received a copy of enforcing the paw from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review



When a case of he-said/she-said turns criminal, it’s up to Megan Luz and her devoted K-9 to dig for the truth. . . A TAIL OF TWO LOVERS When relationships go south, some people just can’t—or won’t—let go. When Fort Worth Police Officer Megan Luz and her pawed partner Brigit investigate a series of stalking incidents involving a couple who recently broke up, their detective powers are put to the test. Is this a case of a controlling creep who refuses to accept rejection—or one about a woman scorned whose fury has been unleashed? WHO END UP IN THE DOGHOUSE. . . As hostilities escalate between the former lovers, the situation goes from romantically dysfunctional to downright dangerous. He insists his former flame has become a crazy ex-girlfriend intent on vengeance. She alleges that he is a master of manipulation and lays blame entirely at his feet. Who’s the culprit and who’s the victim? Can Megan and Brigit sniff out the truth. . .before somebody ends up dead? Enforcing the Paw is part of Diane Kelly's fun and smart Paw Enforcement series.

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