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Readers will have fun with The Clock Strikes Nun

The Clock Strikes Nun

By Alice Loweecey

Henery Press

Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 30 May 2017


The Clock Strikes Nun is a wonderful mystery. Guilia Driscoll is a breath of fresh air. Whether she is channeling her inner nun or one of her other useful personas, Giulia has an integrity that shines through. It's easy to see why the clients of Driscoll Investigations readily place their trust in her. Giulia isn't superwoman, but she is supremely capable. Along with her resident computer genius Zane and her super admin- researcher Sidney, Driscoll Investigations is up for anything- including a potential ghost-busting.

Elaine Dahlia is convinced her home is haunted and asks Guilia for help “exorcising” the problem. Ghosts don't normally fall in the purview of DI, but Guilia takes the case after Elaine’s housekeeper Cissy and her mercurial relative Muriel give her more information. Someone or something is trying to incapacitate Elaine and get their hands on the Dahlia fortune. Perhaps there is a ghost, but more likely a human hand lies behind the strange and sinister doings. The suspects are many as are their motives. I was glued to the page. Guilia is such a personable character that enjoying her narrative comes naturally. While I liked the book from the start, I really got hooked at the soccer mom rescue scene, where a mom and her crew comes to the rescue when Guilia is nearly forced off a bridge. It is a wonderful, extremely memorable scene.

The Clock Strikes Nun is fresh and different- definitely one of the best cozies I have read recently. I highly recommend it. I haven't read Loweecey’s other novels but I definitely want to after reading The Clock Strikes Nun.

5 / 5

I received a copy of The Clock Strikes Nun from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



“Giulia is a sympathetic, well-drawn character who has built a full life for herself after leaving the convent, but appealing touches of the former nun remain.” – Booklist

When terrified Elaine Patrick knocks on Driscoll Investigations’ door and insists her house is haunted, Giulia Driscoll’s first response is “we don’t handle ghosts.” When Elaine’s housekeeper and crackpot filthy rich cousin descend on Giulia and demand she find out who’s trying to steal sweet, fragile Elaine’s family business out from under her, that’s a different story. They want DI to provide Tarot readings, ghost hunting sessions, and even an exorcism.

Ghost hunting? There are apps for that. Tarot readings? Experts in the skill are right across the street. Exorcisms? Having a priest for a brother-in-law comes in handy. Giulia plunges into a crash course in all things supernatural, convinced everything happening to Elaine is stagecraft.

Except when it isn’t. Giulia’s about to discover a new dimension to sleuthing, if she can survive attempted murder long enough to see through the web of lies around her client.

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