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Escape for a spell with a copy of Some Practical Magic

Some Practical Magic

Book 1 of The Familiar Magic Series

by Laurie C. Kuna


ImaJinn Books

Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 29 Jul 2004


Some Practical Magic is a light paranormal romance that will leave your nose twitching in delight. Having grown up with reruns of Bewitched, I had to smile as I read Some Practical Magic. Laurie C Kuna unashamedly pays tribute to the classic sitcom. Despite there being some “thriller” elements, Some Practical Magic is mostly a romance with a touch of humor.

Fleeing her mother’s attempts at matchmaking, Cassandra and her familiar/publicist Endora (who is hilarious whether in cat or human form) join a book tour. When she meets the headliner, horror novelist M S Kazimer, sparks fly. But all is not well, a serial killer is modeling his murders after those in Kazimer’s books, and the tour is an attempt to flush him out of hiding. Falling in love with a human is tough enough, but now Cassandra must refresh her magical skills in order to protect everyone from a vicious killer.

There is some explicit sex, but it is well done. Still, I wouldn’t recommend Some Practical Magic for teen consumption. In all Some Practical Magic is a cute romance, not exceptional, but definitely an entertaining escapist read.

4 / 5

I received a copy of Some Practical Magic from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



“Kitchen Witch” Cassandra Hathorne doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. To escape her mother’s relentless matchmaking, Cassie jumps at the opportunity to go on a book tour headlined by blockbuster horror novelist M. S. Kazimer. Even though Mick’s not one of her own kind, sparks fly between them.

But Mick has a secret more disturbing than Cassie’s own secret of being a real witch. A serial killer, one who’s been copycatting the murders in M. S. Kazimer’s books, is now stalking the tour. And Cassie must choose between keeping Mick’s love and protecting them all with her practical magic.

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