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What happens when a hitman plays detective

Keller's Fedora by Lawrence Block Subterranean Press Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 30 Apr 2017


Putting on a new hat means trying on a new profession. In Keller’s case that means doing a bit of detective work before getting his hands dirty. Kill the lover of a philandering wife, no problem. Discover who that lover is, well that is more of a challenge. (Especially since the wife is a nymphomaniac with a capital N). Being a hitman comes naturally, a detective not so much. Fortunately he has a stylish fedora and can pick up a few points from the mystery novel he brings along.

Keller narrates the story, giving readers access to his innermost thoughts. His witty meditations and mental meandering makes a story that would otherwise be dark light and humorous. Keller is a likable guy, despite killing for a living. It is fun to accompany him on his adventures.

Keller's Fedora isn't your ordinary mystery, but it is definitely a lot of fun to read. It is easy to see why Keller is one of Lawrence Block’s most popular characters.

4 / 5

I received a copy of Keller's Fedora from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

Keller's Fedora will be released April 30, 2017.


Description A NEW HAT. FOR A NEW HIT. Happily retired, living under a new name with his wife and daughter, Keller thought he was out of the murder-for-hire business. Until he got the call from his old employer, asking him to tackle the most unusual assignment of his career. The client’s wife is having an affair, and Keller’s been hired to get rid of her lover. But who is this mysterious lover? The husband doesn’t know — he only knows that she has one, and he wants the man dead. It’s an opportunity for Keller to try his hand at the private eye game, investigating the adulterous spouse. And yes, he does buy himself a new hat for the occasion, a fedora worthy of any film noir detective. But in this puzzling situation, with more than one potential lover in the picture and more than one potential solution, is Keller going to be a black hat or a white hat — or something in between…?

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