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Dreamweaver an excellent conclusion to Friedman's young adult fantasy series

Dreamweaver Book Three of the Dreamwalker Chronicles by C.S. Friedman Berkley Publishing Group DAW Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 06 Dec 2016


C.S. Friedman’s novels for adults are always exceptional. I have less experience with her novels for young adults. Dreamweaver is written with a young adult target audience in mind. The plot and writing are more straightforward, less complex but still enjoyable for adult readers. The third novel of the Dreamwalker Chronicles brings the series to its conclusion.

Jessica’s dreams and those of her mother and brother are plagued by the reapers. It seems only a matter of time before they are killed. The Shadowlord Virillian is calling for an active hunt for Dreamwalkers throughout the realms. Jessica and her family's survival hinges on her discovery of Dreamwalker lore hidden in the ever-changing tower. The path leads her back to Terra Prime. Old allies await, but to find her goal they must first travel into the badlands - from which no traveler has returned.

Although I prefer her fantasies written for adults, Dreamweaver is an excellent piece of young adult fiction. The plot is well conceived, and the novel isn’t sappy or melodramatic. Romantic angst has no place. Like all of Friedman’s novels - the story is what is important.

5 / 5

I highly recommend Dreamweaver to young adults looking for an excellent fantasy as opposed to an angsty romantic fantasy.

I received a copy of Dreamweaver from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review



When Jessica Drake learned that her DNA didn’t match that of her parents, she had no idea that investigating her true heritage would put her family’s lives in danger, and ultimately force her to cross into another world. There, in an alternate Earth dominated by individuals with frightening mental powers called Gifts, Jessica learned of a curse within her blood, one so terrifying that all who possessed it were destroyed on sight. For she is a Dreamwalker, and the same dark Gift that allows her to enter the dreams of others will eventually destroy her mind and spread insanity to all around her. Now the deadly wraiths known as reapers, createdto hunt down the last Dreamwalkers, are starting to target her family. In order to destroy them she must seek out a mysterious shapeshifting tower where the secret of the reapers’ creation—and her own Dreamwalker heritage—can be found. Joining forces once more with the ex-Shadow Isaac and loremaster Sebastian, she travels to the Badlands, a region on the alternate Earth from which no traveler has ever returned. But her efforts to unlock the secrets of the past will soon ignite the flames of an ancient war, as the deadand the undead gather to fight their final battle against the Dreamwalkers—with Jessica and Isaac on the front lines, and the fate of her entire homeworld at stake.

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