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Girls, guns and steampunk thrills

Lady Mechanika V.1

Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse

by Joe Benitez

Diamond Book Distributors

Benitez Productions

Comics & Graphic Novels

Pub Date 01 Dec 2015


With its gorgeous and sultry illustrations and its hip steampunk storyline, Lady Mechanika is a graphic novel that makes for an excellent read. Part woman, part machine, the beautiful Lady Mechanika knows nothing of what came before her awakening. Who she is and where she comes from are questions that lie behind her every act. Her exploits are legendary, but is she the person she is believed to be? The inventor Lewis provides her with the technology that aids her in her cases and provides valuable backup.

Lady Mechanika is a fun, action packed adventure with monstrous technology and vivid illustrations. Often over the top, the first volume of this steampunk series is easily enjoyed by teens and adults.


I received a copy of Lady Mechanika V. 1 from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



In a Victorian world filled with flying dirigibles, clockwork automatons, and elegantly fashionable attire, a young woman with mechanical limbs and no memory of how she got them searches desperately for the secrets to her past. Collects Lady Mechanika #1-5 and also includes the prelude story, The Demon of Satan's Alley, first published in Lady Mechanika #0.

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