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A Sunset Touch is good but not up to Eccles normal standard

A Sunset Touch

by Marjorie Eccles

Endeavour Press

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 27 Jan 2017


Marjorie Eccles can always be counted on to provide a mystery that is complex but at the same time utterly believable. A Sunset Touch is a well done thriller where Gil Mayo and his team must solve two cases - one of murder/arson the other an unexplained attack on the wife of an elderly vicar. It comes as no surprise to the reader that the two cases end up being related. Everything is related to two Polish refugees who fled Poland during WWII and fought alongside members of the RAF.

While the mystery is competently composed and the background is intriguing as well as well thought out, somehow A Sunset Touch is not as compelling as Eccles other novels. It didn’t generate the emotional involvement that I’ve come to expect of her novels. Mayo and his team go through the motions, but they are cardboard versions of the characters I enjoy. On the whole, while the novel was good, it wasn’t nearly up to Eccles’s normal standard.


I received a copy of A Sunset Touch from the publisher and net in exchange for an honest review



The truth can't stay hidden forever…

Detective Superintendent Gil Mayo soon finds himself drawn into a devastating case as an arson attack results in a house being burnt down.

Much to the distress of the neighbours, it becomes a big concern that two children might have died, trapped inside the blaze.

Yet when the fire brigade manages to get inside to inspect the burnt-out remains of the house, the intrigue only increases with

what they find.

The body of one man…

With no sign of the children and the body not providing any answers, Detective Gil Mayo sets to work on a murder inquiry with his characteristic compulsive attention to detail.

Never an easy life, another case also falls into Mayo’s lap but despite his best efforts, both cases seem to be tough to solve.

With family connections, past lives and secret deals going on throughout, Mayo and his team struggle to grasp the true nature of both crimes.

Only when both crimes seem to lead to the same path, from Poland to wartime England and so to the present day, is Mayo able to unravel the truth once and for all…

A Sunset Touches is a chilling mystery filled with twists and turns.

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