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The Private Face of Murder brings Spain of the 1960s to life

The Private Face of Murder

by John Bonett

Endeavour Press

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 27 Jan 2017


Linda Huntingdon is beautiful, vapid and extremely bored - but she isn’t smart enough to target someone other than her neighbor’s husband. Her death appears to be an accident, but aspects are suspicious, and alcoholic former actor Aubrey de Lamplugh sees an opportunity to profit. He dies not long after, crushed in a landslide which definitely looks like murder. Suspicion natural falls on Kenneth, a man who once fell for Linda’s charms. The case is given to Inspector Borges, who reminds me of Christie’s Poirot, clever, nattily dressed, well mannered and focused on the psychology of the suspects. His self effacing manner and easy, open charm make him a likable inspector. Although I guessed early on who the killer was, I enjoyed reading about the various British expats living in the small Spanish village. One passage I found particularly amazing was the description of the bull fights in Barcelona. John Bonett’s vivid depiction of both the display and the range of human reaction brought the event to life.

While I enjoyed the story, it was the human element that pleased me the most. John Bonett skillfully paints the Spanish landscape, giving the reader an understanding of a world and people very different in nature from the Britain the various expats left behind. The characters are unique individuals whose actions and motivations are easily understood.

As a mystery, I can best compare it to a dish that while apparently simple is made of the very best quality ingredients by a skillful chef. The Private Face of Murder is an excellent mystery which makes good use of its beautiful and unique setting.


I received a copy of The Private Face of Murder from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



People have many faces…

And one that is seen by no one except themselves.

In the Spanish town of Caltrava, a group of ex-pats have created their own close-knit community.

In moving to a hotter country, the Brits are hoping to find a more relaxing way of living.

But then – disaster strikes when the beautiful Linda Huntingdon is killed in a fatal car crash.

Nothing appears too suspicious until retired actor Aubrey de Lamplugh meets the same fate, being crushed by a falling cliff.

Two complete accidents, or a double homicide?

That’s what Inspector Borges intends to discover.

At first, the two appear unrelated – how is the death of a young, bored housewife connected with that of an alcoholic egotist?

Slowly, a picture starts to unfurl before the Inspector’s eyes...

The Private Face of Murder is an intriguing murder mystery that will keep you gripped until the very end.

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